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"Thank you for a fantastic day! Everything we wanted to see and much more, lots of hidden gems. Next time I'm here in L. A. with my wife, I'll definitely call you!" A customer said this to me at the end of a tour I guided recently.

She is right! Traveling is so much more fun when a local friend shows you around with some insider's tips. This is particularly true for exploring Los Angeles, a city so spread out, so living on wheels. Your impression of the city really depends on which neighborhood you see.

I love LA! The art, the glamour, the diverse people, the history, the creativity, the amazing food, the beautiful natural scenery, and the always great weather make it so fun to live here. Of course, it's a fabulous place for tourists! But you need to know how to explore it all. Your first impression of L. A. may be that of a city made of concrete, but a short drive can change your perspective. You can enjoy the most trendy shopping districts to the kind of tranquility that can only be found around wild flowers, trees, birds, rocks and the ocean breeze. You may think it's just a high rise apartment building we are passing by, but behind it may be a movie star's final resting place. There are so many local secrets, I would love to share them with you!

I have more than 3 years of experience working as a tour guide and received stellar reviews from my guests. I am bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese, which is a great advantage for Chinese speaking tourists. I have been a teacher (ESL and Mandarin Chinese), and a docent at the Getty Center, so I'm great with kids, international visitors, and elderly travelers too. Besides my passion for travel, I also believe that being organized, patient, and flexible is the key to a great time while traveling. With a local tour guide like me, you will have everything covered.

Spoken languages: Chinese, English


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